On September 8th 2019, I flew from the Republic of Ireland to Denmark with two suitcases, a dissembled bike and a large backpack carrying my favourite fluffy stool top. I’ve been here 8 weeks and so much has happened its almost hard to believe. I found an apartment, friends, a BOYfriend, best cinnamon buns and seen many places both in Denmark and Sweden. Moving to a new place completely by yourself? Maybe I can help.

Tips when moving country!

  1. Open mind!
    • It’s not going to be amazing every second. When you first move there is a high, you’re a tourist in a new place and slowly as days or weeks go on, you realise, ‘no… I’m living here now and this is my home.’ Try not to be the person who is six weeks living somewhere before they realise they need to get OUT of the apartment to make friends.
    • I started ice-skating and playing Irish football (What’s that?). Playing sport for me was a great way to meet people and learning Irish football has given me a home away from home. Try new things that interest you and find a network of people from where you came from to ease the transition.
  2. Everyone is someone.
    • If you have moved for a job you will meet new people and these people are the foundation of a good day, you can spend 8-9 hours a day with these people. I started a dialogue with my new colleagues ranging from weekend plans to ‘I have a date.’ You can keep your work/home life separate but I like to combine them creating one life. If you like my way, bring up the topics first yourself so the other person understands you’re comfortable talking about your personal life. My colleagues and I talk about dating, places to eat, weekend plans, sight seeing recommendations… I also listen to parental problems and I’m far from motherhood but try to find common ground in everything discussed.
    • A girl I said ‘Hi’ to at ice-skating turned out to be half Irish and we’ve become very close. It only takes meeting one person at the activities you do to make it worth it.
    • Try Meet Up, Eventbrite, Facebook groups, Bumble BFF, search for sports clubs and networking events. Does your school or university have an alumni group where you are?
    • Remember everyone likes to feel listened to and people love common interests or similarities.
  3. Tinder/Bumble… Online dating.
    • You got to do it! Travelling with a BF, GF, Husband or Wife at home… I cannot help you. But the singletons out there, I’ve had Bumble for 5 years, even when I was dating I still had it, but now it’s gone. Travelling to a new place you’d be surprised the attention you get as an outsider. I matched with a German guy my second week and we’ve been dating over a month now. Be open to meeting people and if its a dinner buddy to a restaurant you don’t want to go to alone, people are ready and willing to go and not assume more will happen if you phrase it the right way. Ask for a tour guide, it worked for me skiing in France, it will work for you where you are!
  4. Date yourself.
    • I know this is a hard one for many people, but you’re not alone. Going to museums, restaurants, parks, castles and cafes by yourself can be a nerve-wreaking experience. You need to do it, you cannot move somewhere new and not discover it. Whether it’s walking, cycling or bussing it, get around the place, understand whats north, south, east and west. Having that kind of spacial awareness is comforting in the long run. Find your favourite cafe for open Sunday’s or your local cinema when you want to get out of the house.

If anyone is somewhere new and wants some advice on anything! Email me at winnieblak1@gmail.com.

♥ Isobel

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