Welcome to a new world, a world where the ‘potentials’ see YOU as exotic. I’ve tried to write this sentence multiple times, so I’m changing it to ‘me’ as in, my experience. I am as Irish as Irish gets, I have an Irish accents, over 35 cousins, burn under a single quick ray of sun, grew up in the middle of the country and migrated to Dublin for the work week. The guys in my life were use to girls like me and weren’t interested, lots of near misses.

Then, you move and BAAM! = ‘Boys All Around Me.’ I would be cycling, walking, in work, out of work and you can feel one or two guys on the sidewalk checking you out. I’m definitely not hyping myself up, I’m just saying when locals hear a new accent, new styled or new anything, its appealing.


There are 50 million registered Bumble users. I’ve had Bumble for the last 5 years and would be the girl who dabbles on the app, looking to see this season’s top picks. I love it and miss it! The app resulted in two Irish dates for me, one English on the French slopes, one lucky German here in Copenhagen and LOADS of conversations that lead nowhere, one lasted months! Women or men that are afraid of online dating, assume it won’t work for them, its the only way you’ll likely meet someone, so take a selfie and get browsing.

On Bumble the girl opens the conversation, so if you match with someone and change your mind, just leave the match and after 24 hours it (he) will disappear. Also don’t be disheartened if the other person doesn’t reply to you, it wasn’t meant to be and there are plenty of fish swimming around.


  • Portray yourself the way you really are. I would rather someone match with me that understands what I look like (at the best of times), than photos that are misleading.
  • Use at least 3-6 photos and not all group photos, it needs to be obvious who the account is for and don’t upload photos with one friend in many photos, it makes them think it could be her/him instead.
  • Use interesting photos, they don’t need to be anything professional but include images of you baking, playing sport, socialising, travelling. Each individual is not going to study your profile so make it very easy to spark conversations with an image of you doing something worth talking about.
  • Keep the bio short and simple. Mine was “Irish in Copenhagen.” Boringly simple and you can do better… it worked though!
  • Don’t go on the app everyday. I would say two or three times a week when you’re still at the browsing stage. Let Bumble do the hard work or putting their algorithmic results of who might suit you to the top of the pile. I would limit myself to 10 minutes swiping as after that the options are often less likely to be what you usually swipe right for.

Don’t be ashamed of it, own it, everyone does it or should be. Its the modern way!

♥ Isobel

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