The winter in Denmark between 2019 and 2020 never reached a metrological winter. It was grey, wet and windy but no snow capped roofs or frosty fields. The mild weather is suitable to some but to others at least colder days can be clearer days.

What I, and other Irish, UK or anyone who is use to +7 hours of daylight, it can be hard. I for one found it near impossible. However heading into the spring weather (soon!) Here is what I will do differently next time.

The daylight hours start dropping in November quickly. It goes from over nine to nearly seven hours in a month. Start Vitamin D pills then. Taking one a day can  improve health of gut microbes and you’ll be more resistant to infection and inflammation year-round.

Book treats to look forward to, this can be a message, afternoon tea, favourite restaurant. Give yourself mini-breaks like this. I can recommend in Copenhagen Social Foodies do a fun class making the Danish treat, Flødeboller. Link here! (Copy link into Google Chrome to translate into English).

Go for a daily lunchtime walk. We can get use to working through lunch or eating then back to the desk, that we don’t spend anytime outdoors. My colleague and I made it routine to go for a 15-30 minute walk per day regardless of the weather conditions.

Flying home is not something everyone can do but if you could fit in a weekend home or two another more Southern European city during winter like Lisbon, Lyon or Livorno, I RECOMMEND. It can help you reset and when you go back to the darker days, it will get brighter and you know it.

Celebrate the shortest day of the year. Known to be mid December, after that date the days are only getting brighter. So if the build up to winter has been hard for you, plan a big celebration for this day, bringing together all your closest friends or/and family. Make it an annual party like how Scandinavians celebrate mid Summer.

Talk, tell people how you feel. I had people to lean on and you need to find people like that to talk about how you’re doing. It always helps to talk to the right people.

Meditate. I won’t stay on this for long but a little bit of meditation with the app Headspace gave me some more peaceful days and nights.

Best, Isobel

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