Between Denmark and Sweden there is a 4 km tunnel, 4 km island and 8 km bridge. The Øresund bridge is one of the only and longest bridges linking two countries. The bridge carries 60,000 travelers per day by both road and rail. The artificial island, Peberholm, linking the tunnel and bridge is now habitat to many animals including the black-headed gull and a rare green toad. I’m riding in the train to Lund, home of Sweden’s largest Universities, where I have a meeting with a past employee of the Irish Government Agency I work for (Rebecca Pryce), and then a meeting with a Lady from Invest in Skåne.

Sitting to my left is two men, one I’ve uncovered is Swedish, the other… American. The American’s girlfriend works for Calvin Klein and they live in New York City. The other, lives in Stockholm and EVERYONE he knows in Stockholm owns a Rolex. They’re heading to Malmo (scratch that, Hyllie, they jumped off, with an office in Hyllie and New York, I wonder who they work for?), and after a lengthy chat on New York Fashion week, the end of fashion shows, American fashion brands, how they are money lead, they left.

Fashion shows are on the mind having just had fashion weeks around the globe. It will be crazy, looking back on this and remembering Milan fashion week was cancelled with the Corona Virus outbreak.

Irish designer, Aoife McNamara recently brought her SS20 designs to Paris Fashion Week and displayed looks on The Fashion Collective Runway. As another first for her, she created fitted silhouettes with a mixture of silks, Irish wool and stretch fabric. Congratulations Aoife! #IrishFashion


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