This incredible lady, Alexandra Shulman, is the longest serving Editor-in-Chief of Vogue UK. After 25 years Alexandra left Vogue in 2017. She was there for the remarkable 100 year anniversary of the magazine to which she managed the Centenary Issue, an exhibition in the National Portrait Gallery and wrote ‘Inside Vogue,’ a diary of Shulman’s year.

Top tips & insight from ‘Inside VOGUE’

Image result for inside vogue cover
  • Magazines are built 3-4 months in advance.
  • Fashion businesses are hiring people with tech expertise.
  • “I like to know why they want to work at this magazine in particular. People often say they want to work at Vogue but I’m keen to know what they think that means.” Have energy and conviction.
  • How is the brand named used? Large companies are so set and focused on sticking to a message and ‘hammering the brand home.’
  • “I think the message itself is the powering medium. It’s more important than any methods of transmission now that there are so many.”
  • People like to see real clothes on the cover.
  • Big question in fashion is when and what to sell.
  • Stick to what you know in heavy competition and be known for it.
  • “At least half the battle of winning the customer must be making sure they know what they’re getting when they hear your name.”
  • Each shop location should feel like an escape from its established location. So many shops are now sadly, replicated around the world.

In Shulman’s, “What makes a good fashion editor.” for the Business of Fashion she says, “certainly not a job for someone who doesn’t wish to put in the hours and thinks that the main part of their job is being photographed in a series of designer clothes with a roster of famous friends.”

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