In late January 2020, I flew to Tromsø, the highest city in Norway to have a cathedral, university, research institutes… and some other things. I was there for six days and though the idea was to see the northern lights, I ended up seeing much more.

Firstly, unfortunately to announce to all you hopefuls, we saw the Northern Lights once, it was outside our Air BnB, it faded quickly and was not what you see in the pictures of a full coloured sky. instead it was a wisp of green that was beautifully simple.

On the bright side the beauty of that area of the world was spectacular. The mountains ran straight into the ocean (where Russian submarines use to hide), the sky would be pink, orange and then pitch black, the stars were incredible when gazing up and fields were a blanket of white.

Why choose Tromsø?

  • It is expensive, it would be more expensive than trying to see the Northern Lights in north Finland but Finland won’t have the beautiful fjords.
  • Location for me was perfect in that I could get a direct SAS flight from Copenhagen.
  • We rented a car, which is a MUST! We rented with SIXT and I recommend them, they gave us a great jeep instead of a smaller car we reserved. They didn’t charge us for anything extra other than what we paid for. Also book unlimited mileage as you’ll be driving a lot, soaking it in.
  • We went in late January but early March is recommended for more clearer nights. We were lucky with the weather for the most part.
  • It is so cold. I wore a full ski outfit including ski pants.
  • AirBnB – We had a great AirBnB near Hundbergan.
  • There is a lot of tourist restaurants that are expensive. We liked one that we went to twice, Casa Inferno.

Watch my new IGTV on my trip to Tromsø .

Isobel x

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