Showcase is the annual trade fair organised by the Irish Design and Craft Council with the support of Enterprise Ireland and local enterprise offices across Ireland. Enterprise Ireland brings together buyers from across the world, USA to UAE, Spain to Singapore. It is an event of pride, proudly presenting the design and craft capabilities of Irish companies. I visited earlier this year, in January 2020 with buyers from the Nordic countries and planned to continue the same for 2021, but alas, with risks related to Covid-19, the event is going digital.

What is Showcase?

Showcase is a established international trade fair pulling together the best of the best Irish design and craft companies. Brands that create clothing, jewelry, home ware, gift ware and other handmade products present their offering to national and international buyers. It is a great stepping stone for companies in Ireland who want to grow their customer portfolio. If you are a small business, you can apply for a stand that (used to) occupy the upper balcony in the RDS, through you local enterprise office (LEO). These smaller stands are a start for smaller businesses before paying out for a stand in the main hall. This year I assume LEO’s supported businesses get a discount on registration? (No idea, not my area!)

  • Have order dockets ready for an easy order process for buyers.
  • Have a business card, booklet displaying your offering, guide for the buyers on next steps.
  • Don’t be disheartened by small orders, many buyers tell me their plan is to order first small and then more with more confidence in a new brand.
  • Create a bright, inviting and informative stand. Many stands have tables and chairs for discussion, others have mannequins or rails, printed campaign posters, dried flowers, additional spotlights, counters, pens.

If you have any questions for Showcase organizers their email is:

What is happening?

The event will take place the 24th to 27th of January 2021, however it will not be in the RDS as per previous years. On August 24th 2020, it was announced although physically cancelled the event will go digital creating a platform for buyers and exhibitors to continue trade and discussion. This could create a unique opportunity to attract buyers who usually travel to other international events at that time, for example, the Copenhagen International Fashion Fair/Week or Maison&Objet in Paris.

If any Nordic buyers interested in the range of what Ireland has to offer finds this, please send me a message on LinkedIn, I’d be delighted to talk with you about my role in supporting the interaction between buyers and exhibitors.

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