Comparisons are all around, and available on many website, social pages and blogs. However, living in Copenhagen, Denmark, the last year has shown me the real differences that are both small and large.


Copenhagen vs. Dublin

Danes take cover from rain, expecting it to pass, or walk on, standing tall, like nothing is wrong.The Irish run, head down, without stopping, when it starts to rain, because we know its not going to stop any time soon.
Danish Daddies jog with buggies.Irish Daddies are new to the stroller pushing responsibility.
The Danes lock up and hibernate for winter, making cosy but formal dinner plans at home. Copenhagen gets very quiet.The Irish bring Dublin to life in winter, with buzzing bars and restaurants. Dublin gets loud!
Danes swim in the canals and off the harbour across the city. Kobenhavn Kommune (Like a city council) tests the water daily (here)Do you see people swimming in Dublin centre’s section of the Liffey other than the annual Jones Engineering Dublin City Liffey Swim?
Denmark has many camping site, cabins/holiday homes. One Dane advised me this country is not a good place for starting a luxury hotel, the value is not seen against the expense.Ireland has luxury and family getaway hotels, some with private golf courses, award-winning spas and serve afternoon tea… I miss afternoon tea.
Long puff-coats, gloves, hats and scarves are all needed for a walk to the shop from October – MarchAlthough probably wet, you can get to the shop in a jumper in Ireland in December, depends on the day. (Spring also comes earlier than in Denmark)
The Danish sun sets earlier in Winter and later in Summer than Ireland.
As Danes have Kroner, a Big Mac Meal is 67 Kr = 9 Euro.Big Mac Meal is 7.60 Euro in Ireland. Expect to spent at least 15.6% more on everything.
Check out the Big Mac Index
I paid 21.52 Euro for a Caesar salad in Copenhagen the other day, a 15% reduction at 18 euro would be much more reasonable in Ireland than over 20! (Try Balfes in Dublin)
More to come…

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