I was looking through Google Analytics and noticed the highest impressions my website has received in Search engine results was under ‘living in Copenhagen’ so… living in Copenhagen requires a place to stay. The city is packed with elevator-less apartment buildings, showers over the toilet (a famous trait of a dated-danish capital city apartment), general waste shoots and high-deposits. On the other hand, there is modernism, quality, views and centralised buildings close by.

When I began my search (from my laptop in Ireland) in 2019, I didn’t know what site to look at, or where in the city to live. Some cities may not have obvious areas of good/bad, (in my opinion Dublin definitely does), so living in one of the best places was a key priority for me.

This is a generalization and there are nice, bright, and spacious apartments across the entire city.

Here are the neighbourhoods I would live in:


First, this is where I live. A great, modern, structured, clean area enjoyed by everyone for jumping into the water and drinking coffee from Yumasté. The area is brand new, there are a few take-away spots, three grocery stores including Spar, Netto and Irma. The apartments are decent size and some have breath-taking views of the water and over to the green-lands of Amager. I recommend living here if you’re not looking for central city buzz, or cultural personality in the architecture. This area a short bike away from the city and Danish traditional design.

Islands Brygge

A beautiful strip of modern apartments along a central stretch of water. Lovely cafes, shops and a shirt walk/cycle/metro into the city or to the airport for weekend getaways.

Norrebro & Osterbro

Old Copenhagen with stunning traditional Danish apartment buildings, the wealth of the city spills North with attractive neighbourhoods like Lyngby, Hellerup and Gentofte. Love this area for what Denmark is known for, narrow streets, cobbled lanes, small but many windows, smaller apartments.

Then you have Nordhavnen nearby, completely new. Just like Sydhavn where I live, the area is all new and growing in vibrancy. Modern, bright apartments.

Follow the metro line

Living in Copenhagen, you don’t need to position yourself near a metro or train as there is buses everywhere too and cycling is the Copenhagen-way to get around! However, if you are not interested in sitting behind the wheel (and handle bars), here is the metro map. (The blue line south is slightly incorrect) They are in the process of building a metro station at Fisketorvet shopping centre, and in Sydhavn. (I wouldn’t hold my breath on those being finished any time soon)

Finding an apartment listing

Finding an apartment can be tough given many rooms are let out to friends of friends, and together a good deal, you really need to know someone. However, Facebook groups, are a great way, and free! Don’t just look for the perfect apartment to appear, post a photo of yourself with a short description and let people reach out to you! I found my first apartment through Facebook and the second through Bolig Portal (which is unique for co-sharing, more of a whole apartment rental website)

Facebook Group:

Copenhagen Accommodation

Subscription websites:

Bolig Portal

Find a Roommate

Student housing support:


Advice from Study In Denmark

Rent, Deposits and Pre-Paid rent

Also the rent is particularly high here given the fresh faced buildings, plus in Denmark the tenant can be charged up to 3 months prepaid rent PLUS 3 months deposit. In my first apartment it was 3 months prepaid rent (acting as 3 month notice period) and 1 month deposit. In my current apartment those switched, so I have 1 month notice period but a 3 month deposit.

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