The struggle for gender equality is essential to secure a sustainable, inclusive, and prosperous economy that benefits all.

Wealth is measured not against your possessions, but your list of wants.

DVF’s sales strategy is, “Retain; Regain; Convert.”

Diane Von Fustenberg CEO, Sandra Campos
(The Future of Fashion Podcast)

Praise them up to the 9s and they’ll do more.

There’s no profit in the anger business

Monroe, (TV Show: The Last Tycoon)

Living without colour is living without love – and I truly believe that.

Kelly Wearstler

Active women who are changing hearts and minds.

Reece Witherspoon

True beauty is knowing who you are and what you want and never apologizing for it.

P!NK (Source: ENews)

We get so caught up in a moment and not ever leave that moment, and that’s how some people get stuck. Comfort zones are where dreams go to die.

Regina King

Tomorrow is a new day, it’s never been touched.

Quzmin (Modern Love, Prime TV)